Juveniles Facing Computer Charges in Georgia


There are a number of computer related offenses that a juvenile can find themselves charged with.  There is no way to avoid allowing children to have online access in today’s world.  However, it opens up a myriad of potential issues that can result from crimes committed online and with smart phones.

Children and young adults can find themselves facing very serious consequences as a result of just a few keystrokes.  The juvenile computer charges that can result from online crimes can have devastating results on an individual’s future.  That is why it is critical to get an effective and experienced Juvenile Defense attorney working to protect your interests as soon as an investigation begins.

Types of Online Computer Crimes

While there are a wide variety of charges someone can face based on their online activity, many of them fall under these three categories: 

  • Identify Theft – 
    There are a lot of things someone can do that end up being classified as identify theft by law enforcement.  Even something as simple as using someone else’s log-in can technically be considered as identify theft.  Crimes involving credit card theft can be charged as identify theft as well.  
  • Hacking –
    Hacking is another umbrella term that can be applied to a wide variety of situations.  Most of the time it involves illegally accessing another computer or cloud account.  While there are an endless variety of technologies and scripts that people typically associate with the word “hacking” it can also be applied to a situation as simple as using someone else’s log-in credential.
  • Distribution of Obscene Materials –
    The distribution of obscene material to minors is a federal crime.  It is also a state crime in Georgia so a simple text message or Snapchat image can result in both state and federal charges.  The laws pertaining to obscene materials can seem archaic and brutally harsh when applied to kids under 18 using phones.

Experienced Juvenile Defense Attorney in Georgia

Having an attorney that specializes in Juvenile Defense can be the difference maker in achieving a favorable outcome. The sooner you get an experienced juvenile attorney working for you, the more effective they can be in assisting you.  Do not make the mistake of waiting – if you are being investigated, have been asked for an interview or have been charged with a juvenile crime, contact our office immediately for a free consultation.


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