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Fighting for the Rights of
Children in Juvenile Court

Fighting for Children in Juvenile Court


Georgia Children’s Defense, LLC specializes in juvenile delinquency defense in the state of Georgia.  We strive to achieve the best possible outcome for your child and deeply believe that one mistake does not define us as individuals. 

Our Juvenile Legal Services

We offer representation specifically for children accused of delinquent acts in juvenile court. Few defense attorneys understand the intricacies and nuances of the juvenile court system. You wouldn’t use a general physician to conduct a specific surgery – so don’t leave your child in the hands of an attorney who doesn’t understand the juvenile system in Georgia. An experienced juvenile defense attorney will provide the legal guidance and representation you need. Check below for the services we are pleased to offer.


Juvenile Defense

Our overriding goal is to achieve justice for your child. From trials, to motions hearings, to appellate cases, there are no juvenile court issues that our team of juvenile defense attorneys is unfamiliar with.

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School Tribunals

Educational stability is essential for the development of a child. We are experienced in representing your child’s case at school official’s hearings. We fight for your child’s right to an education.

Juvenile Defense Attorney
We provide zealous legal defense for children regardless of what they are accused of. We fight tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for your child, inside and outside of the courtroom. If a case needs to go to trial, leave it in the hands of a team that has thousands of hours of courtroom experience.
Mitigation for Juvenile Sentences
We know what mitigating factors juvenile court judges look for when deciding case outcomes. Josh Lingsch, our founding attorney, previously clerked for a juvenile court judge - providing invaluable insight into a normally opaque process. Regardless of what occurred, we will work to achieve an outcome that will give your child peace of mind.
Free Juvenile Defense Consultation
If your child has been, or is expected to be, charged with a crime it is important to speak with an attorney that specializes in Juvenile Defense. This consultation will help you and your child feel confident taking the next steps.
The Juvenile Court Process
Legal matters can be intimidating and complicated for children and parents, which is why it is crucial that your child's attorney has experience in the juvenile court system and can explain it in terms you understand. We will guide you every step of the way through the Juvenile Court process.
E-Mail Summaries
We appreciate that the juvenile court process can be complex and overwhelming. We will follow up our phone communications with emails that neatly summarize the major points and takeaways in terms your child will understand.
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Georgia state laws are unkind to children – an unfavorable ruling against your child could result in large monetary penalties, loss of custody, and even incarceration in a youth detention facility.

Justice For Georgia Youth

Juvenile Court
Josh Lingsch and his team at Georgia Children’s Defense, LLC. are dedicated to protecting the rights of children caught in the Juvenile Justice system in Georgia.  Choosing the right legal counsel can be the difference between an ideal outcome and an undesirable one.  Contact us for a Free Consultation about your case.


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