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Fighting for the Rights of
Children in Juvenile Court

Fighting for Children in Juvenile Court

Free Consultation with a Juvenile Defense Expert

After a child has been charged with a crime it is normal to be unsure of what to do next.  You are likely worried about the child’s future, and are concerned about possible time in a juvenile correctional facility or the potential loss of a scholarship or other educational opportunity.

During a free consultation with a Georgia Children’s Defense expert you can learn more about how Georgia’s Juvenile Law applies to your specific case and review options for moving forward with a sound defense strategy. We also provide assistance with School Discipline Tribunal hearings.

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Do not spend another day waiting or worrying about how your child’s Juvenile Court case or School hearing will unfold.  With a Juvenile Defense expert you can make a plan to work towards the best possible outcome.  The sooner you get started the better the chances are of a successful defense. 

Please note that Free Consultations are only available for parents and guardians of children that are facing charges in Juvenile Court or are required to appear before a School Discipline Tribunal. We do not provide legal services on any other matters.


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